Meet Your Instructor

Cara Tambellini M.A. CCC-RSLP(C)

Cara is an early intervention expert speech-language pathologist. She has 15 years of experience working with young children under the age of three. She holds a master's degree in speech-language pathology from Northwestern University. She is licensed to practice in California and Texas. In addition, Cara is clinically certified by Speech-Language Audiology Canada and she holds her Certification of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association. She published 4 popular Children's books that help young children with their language skills. Visit Cara on Instagram at

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Milestones and Course Instructions

  • 2

    Strategy 1 - Attending

    • Video Lesson - Attending

    • Strategy Sheet - Attending

    • Attending example 1

    • Attending example 2

    • Attending example 3

  • 4

    Strategy 3 - Pausing

    • Video Lesson - Pausing

    • Strategy Sheet - Pausing

    • Pausing example 1

    • Pausing example 2

    • Pausing example 3

    • Pausing example 4

  • 5

    Strategy 4 - Communicative Temptations

    • Video Lesson - Communicative Temptations

    • Strategy Sheet - Communicative Temptations

    • Communicative Temptations example 1

    • Communicative Temptations example 2

    • Communicative Temptations example 3

    • Communicative Temptations example 4

    • Communicative Temptations example 5

    • Communicative Temptations example 6

  • 6

    Strategy 5 - Adding

    • Video Lesson - Adding

    • Strategy Sheet - Adding

  • 7

    Strategy 6 - Recasting

    • Video Lesson - Recasting

    • Strategy Sheet - Recasting

    • Recasting example 1

    • Recasting example 2

    • Recasting example 3

    • Recasting example 4

  • 8

    Putting It All Together - Strategies During Daily Routines

    • Video Lesson - Daily Routines

    • Strategy Sheet - Daily Routines

    • Putting it all together example

  • 9

    List of References

    • List of References


  • How old should my child be if I want to take this course?

    This course was designed for parents of young children between the ages of 9 months and 3 years who are not talking or have a few words already.

  • How long is each lesson?

    Each lesson (or "strategy") takes around 10-20 minutes to complete. A printable strategy sheet is available for each strategy. You can place it in a visible location so you can remember to use the strategy with your child during the day. It is recommended that you learn one strategy per week and practice implementing that strategy the entire week. That way, the strategy becomes a habit before you begin the next strategy.

  • What if my child already has words but is not yet combining words?

    This course gives you strategies to help your child progress from using words to phrases. The strategies in the course will help your child increase their phrase length and improve their articulation and grammar.

  • My child is already in speech therapy. Should I take this course?

    This course is not meant to be a substitute for speech therapy but it is a great addition to speech therapy! You will learn strategies that speech-language pathologists use with young children. All of the strategies taught in this course are evidence-based.

  • Evidence-Based Strategies

    The strategies you will learn in this course are backed by research - they really work!

  • Video Examples

    The strategies have real-life video examples showing you exactly what to do.

  • Expert Advice

    Taught by an expert early intervention SLP with 15 years of experience working with children under the age of three.


So Helpful


Hi Cara! I just purchased your course and started applying the first strategy to our little one. I've already noticed a significant change in how he interacts with his toys, books, and with us!



Hey Cara! I just finished your course. I really liked how short the videos are. I think it is very parent-friendly and I also liked how you have concrete examples of what it looks like with your own child (who is incredibly cute I might add). As an SLP, we have learnt all of these strategies but starting out as a new grad it was nice to see them in place and being given good examples of the activities they can be used at home. Thank you!!

Love it


We've been using the "Helping Your Child Communicate" online course and it's been so practical, simple, quick, and helpful! P is starting to learn new words! It's really so exciting! We are a few weeks in and have a few more to go!!